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Title: The Source of Magic
Author: Piers Anthony
Part: 2
Publisher: Del Rey

  • Mass Market Paperback - January 12, 1979
  • Mass Market Paperback - December 12, 1979
  • Mass Market Paperback - May 12, 1981
  • Mass Market Paperback - April 12, 1983
  • Mass Market Paperback - January 12, 1986
  • Mass Market Paperback - July 12, 1987
  • Paperback - June 23, 1997
  • School & Library Binding - October 1999
  • Digital - March 2002

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Due to his unique talent, Bink is appointed official researcher, and king Trent asks him to set out to discover the source of Xanths magic. With three companions, the Good Magician Humfrey, Crombi, and Chester the Centaur, Bink sets out to do so. However, throughout his journey, he is aposed in various ways by the brain coral, who has been attempting to protect the Demon X(A/N)th from being disturbed. When Bink finally pulls through, however, his honor requires him to free the confined Demon, causing all magic in Xanth to sease! Fortunately, due to the opperation of his extremely powerful talent, the Demon eventually returns, restoring magic to the land once more.

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