The frighteningly dystopic nature of societies ruled by their clergy, whether the Papal States or Mormon Utah in the 19th century or the contemporary Islamic State (ISIS) and Iran, has led many science fiction writers to build worlds around descriptions of such tyrannies.


  • Antares - Sumuru 2003 film
  • Blessed - Robert A. Heinlein's novel Time Enough for Love.
  • Salem - L.E. Modesitt, Jr.'s novel The One-Eyed Man, brief reference
  • Sangre - Norman Spinrad's novel The Men in the Jungle.
  • Blessed (slave trade planet) - Robert A. Heinlein's novel Time Enough for Love
  • Kultis - Gordon R. Dickson's novel The Chantry Guild (Childe Cycle)
  • Nidor - Robert Randall's novel The Shrouded Planet


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