1. EOTW(Ch. 4,7-8,10-12)
  2. FOH(Ch. 8-10)


  1. Shaggy white hair, and thick, snowy mustaches
  2. Blue eyes under bushy white brows
  3. Face gnarled like a tree
  4. Lean and tall, but stooped
  5. Spry for his apparent age
  6. Deep voice


  1. Gleeman, former Court-bard
  2. Goes by "Thom"


At the beginning of The Eye of The World, Thom is in Emond's Field, having arrived only a couple of days before Bel Tine. He is uncomfortable around Moiraine, whom he quickly recognizes as Aes Sedai. He hides in the hayloft of the stables and insists on joining Moiraine, Lan and the three boys from Emond's Field when they leave; Moiraine does not refuse him.

In FOH 8, Thom is with Nynaeve, Elayne and Juilin Sandar when they cross into Amadicia, having traveled overland from Tanchico. In FOH 9, he goes into Mardecin for supplies; Nynaeve goes for more shortly after his return, claiming he didn't get enough vegetables. Thom and Juilin go into Mardecin when the woman don't return, and rescue them from Ronde Macura.

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