Born fl 2I198 (505 AL)
Dragon Gold Minith
Impressed c. 2I198 (505 AL)
Highest Rank Weyrwoman of Benden
First Appearance Dragonsblood

Tullea was junior queenrider at Benden Weyr when the Dragons' Plague began. She became Weyrwoman after Salina's Breth died of the Plague. Her weyrmate was B'nik

Tullea was extremely irritable, and had a tendency to react emotionally to events. Oddly, this behavior had started around the time that she Impressed Minith. She herself did not understand why she acted that way. She particularly took a dislike to Lorana. When she became Weyrwoman, she used her position to further abuse Lorana and those around her, and failed to carry out her duties as Weyrwoman. When Lorana's Arith died, she became the sole queenrider in Benden.

It was found, once the cure to the Plague was learned, that the reason for her irritableness was that she was in two places at the same time. She timed it three Turns back to High Reaches Weyr, to the time when that Weyr had closed itself off from the rest of Pern. After timing it, she returned (almost immediately from the perspective of those remaining in Benden, three Turns later from her perspective) to Benden with enough vaccine for all the surviving Dragons on Pern, a changed woman, far more easy-going, now that she was one again.

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Weyrwoman of Benden
507 AL-???
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