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Weyrleader and Weyrwoman

The Weyrleader is the male leader of a Weyr, along with his female counterpart, the Weyrwoman. In many ways, the Weyrwoman tends to be the more powerful of the pair. He is considered the equal of a Lord Holder or Craftmaster

By tradition, the Weyrleader is the rider of the Dragon who flies the Weyrwoman's dragon during the mating flight. The Weyrwoman thus holds a good deal of influence in who becomes the Weyrleader, as the Dragon who successfully flies the Queen is often the one whose rider is preferred by the Weyrwoman. The Weyrleader, by contrast, has no such influence over the choice of Weyrwoman.

If a Weyrleader dies, leadership of the Weyr is assumed by a small group of senior Wingleaders or other high-ranking Dragonriders (e.g., M'odon, though a brownrider, served on the council following S'loner's death) until a new Weyrleader is chosen.

Current Weyrleaders[]

See Leaders_of_Pern#Weyrs for all known Weyrleaders throughout Pernese history

  • Benden