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Ranks of Dragonriders
Weyrleader and Weyrwoman

The Weyrwoman is the rider of the highest-ranking Queen in a Weyr. She runs the Weyr along with her male counterpart, the Weyrleader. By custom, the Rider whose dragon flies the Weyrwoman's dragon during the mating flight is the Weyrleader. Selection of the Weyrwoman herself is determined by the first queen to rise after the resignation, or death, of a Weyrwoman. As it is generally fairly clear who the next queen to rise will be, a Weyrwoman will often time her retirement to ensure a specific Goldrider becomes the next Weyrwoman.

A Weyrwoman is considered the equal of a Lord Holder or a Craftmaster

Current Weyrwomen[]

Weyrwomen of the Ninth Pass. For a complete list of known Weyrwomen throughout Pernese history, see Leaders of Pern#Weyrs

  • Benden
  • Fort
    • Margatta
  • High Reaches
    • Pilgra
  • Igen
  • Ista
  • Southern
  • Telgar
    • Bedella
  • Monaco Bay
    • Talina/Mirrim