Concordances and Characters
Wind Blossom Yung
Born 46 Before Landing*
Died 1I1 (58 AL)
Highest Rank Colony's Chief Medic
First Appearance Dragonsdawn
*15 years of that spent in suspended animation

Wind Blossom was the daughter (generally believed to be granddaughter) of Kit Ping Yung, creator of the Dragons, and the mother of Emorra, and thus ancestress of Lorana. Wind Blossom was the creator of the Whers. At the end of the First Pass and the start of the First Interval, Wind Blossom, having long feared the possibility of the Dragons being infected by native diseases, discovered that her fears were justified, at the end of the Second Interval and start of the Third Pass, and was one of the three individuals who worked to give their descendants a way to cure the Dragons' Plague.

She had a sister who remained on Tau Ceti, the planet Emily Boll had been governor of. She remained, among others, to watch the world and maintain its harmony.

Wind Blossom was still remembered in the Third Pass as the creator of the whers.