Wind Blossom's Song was written by Emorra. Like the Question Song, it was designed to ask a question to be answered by the future. It was directed at Lorana, who realized the answer, and was able to reply telepathically to Wind Blossom. The question was how the Dragons' Plague was transmitted, which information was needed to be able to compress the necessary data without losing essential data.

A thousand voices keen at night,
A thousand vioces wail,
A thousand voices cry in fright,
A thousand voices fail.
You followed them, young healer lass,
Till they could not be seen;
A thousand dragons made their loss
A bridge 'tween you and me.
And in the cold and darkest night,
A single voice is heard,
A single voice both clear and bright,
It says a single word.
That word is what you now must say
To open up the door
In Benden Weyr, to find the way
To all my healing lore
It's all that I can give you,
To save both Weyr and Hold.
It's little I can offer you,
Who paid with dragon gold.