Winterfell is a stronghold in the north of the Seven Kingdoms, home to the Stark family. It was first built by Brandon The Builder. It was built over natural hot springs; hot water runs through the walls of the keep, and there are several small courtyards with hot pools. The ground was not levelled, so there are hills and valleys inside the walls. It has grown by accretion over the years, and there are tunnels and towers and courtyards all over.

Winterfell has an ancient, gloomy godswood at its heart with an ancient weirwood presiding over a dark pool.

There is a bell tower and a rookery. The First Keep is the oldest part of the castle, a squat round fortress that is taller than it looks, with gargoyles along the walls. A broken tower with crows nesting on top was the old watchtower, but the top of the structure has fallen in.

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