Xanth is a series by Piers Anthony. Arguably his most popular series, it originally began as a trilogy, but quickly expanded to be a trilogy cubed, and is now expanding beyond even that. The series relies heavily on puns and other linguistic humour, and thus may not be entirely suitable for those who are just beginning to learn English.

The series follows the adventures of various characters in the land of Xanth, as they relate to that lands history. The characters range in age from 7 and younger to hundreds of years old, and many of the books in the series are geared especially towards younger readers. It is important to note, however, that not all books in the series may be appropriate for young readers do to some sexual content. Also, those with religious scruples may find the serieses dealings with demons, magic, and the occult unacceptable.

book listEdit

Currently, the Xanth series is comprised of the following works:

  1. A Spell for Chameleon (novel)
  2. The Source of Magic (novel)
  3. Castle Roogna (novel)
  4. Centaur Aisle (novel)
  5. Ogre, Ogre (novel)
  6. Night Mare (novel)
  7. Dragon on a Pedestal (novel)
  8. Crewel Lye (novel)
  9. Golem in the Gears (novel)
  10. Vale of the Vole (novel)
  11. Heaven Cent (novel)
  12. Man from Mundania (novel)
  13. Isle of View (novel)
  14. Question Quest (novel)
  15. The Color of Her Panties (novel)
  16. Demons Don't Dream (novel)
  17. Harpy Thyme (novel)
  18. Geis of the Gargoyle (novel)
  19. Roc and a Hard Place (novel)
  20. Yon Ill Wind (novel)
  21. Faun & Games (novel)
  22. Zombie Lover (novel)
  23. Xone of Contention (novel)
  24. The Dastard (novel)
  25. Swell Foop (novel)
  26. Up in a Heaval (novel)
  27. Cube Route (novel)
  28. Currant Events (novel)
  29. Pet Peeve (novel)
  30. Stork Naked (novel)

The following supplementary works are also available:

The Following Omnibuses are also available: