Born fl 2I200 (507 AL)
Highest Rank MasterHarper of Pern
First Appearance Dragon's Kin

Zist was the MasterHarper during the Dragons' Plague.

His teaching specialty is voice. He relieved Harper Jofri of his duties at Camp Natalon,and was tutor to the orphan Kindan who lived with him until he was chosen as handler for the mine's watchwher,Kisk, who later became known as Nuelsk. Zist has been married but lost his wife Cayla and his baby daughter Carissa to fever. The details were not mentioned in Dragon's Kin but were revealed in Dragon's Fire which was published later. Zist's favorite instrument is the gitar. As a young Journeyman Harper Zist was posted to Benden Weyr to copy their records. His friend M'tal grew up to be Benden's Weyrleader. Zist is one of the few known persons who met himself by going between times to help his younger self healing Gaminth, M'tal's bronze dragon.

Appearances Edit

Dragon's Kin